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Texas peach fuzz :-)
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Perry bound 🏑
h0nestly-dear: Hey! Thanks for following me, Feel free to check out my blog and don't be shy to ask me anything thanks!

Sure thing :)

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sunflower-hills: Random question. I saw your IG photo, were you happening to eat at. TGI Fridays, because if so I work at one :)

Yes. We eat there often as we can buts it’s in various cities.

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πŸ“ŒπŸšͺ house is coming together slowly #photos #flowers #apartment
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Not #jackdaniels but #mikesharderlemonade will do 🍺🍻
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I’m a ride or die whether you fail or fly, well shit at least you tried. πŸ’‹
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He’s my kinda crazy πŸ’˜
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πŸ’… silver on silver